Filter - Regulator - Lubricator (F-R-L)

For efficient use of compressed air, Quick On F-R-L are used on Pneumatic lines.

It ensures better flow, excellent filtration efficiency & minimum pressure drop.

Size :
1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", & 1"

Features of FRL
1)It provides with the most sleek, compact, space saving, multi-functional unit.
2)FRL is incorporated in a single-body unit. Even the body chamber too.
3)FRL is easy to mount on a Panel. It has regulating knobs in the horizontal position.
4)The gauge is positioned in such a manner that it can be seen easily while adjusting the regulator.
5)Since oil level is stored inside the boby, a seperate oil level indication is provided.

Consolidated Filter
  • It is advisable to use filter with metallic Bowl Guards for enhanced safety requirements to avoid personal injury and property damage.
  • Available in three port sizes of 1/4 B.S.P - 3/8 B.S.P - 1/2 B.S.P.
  • Maximum pressure 250 PSIG. Maximum temperature 50ºC. Bowl capacity 230 ML.
  • Materials of construction- Body Zinc alloy- Bowl Polycarbonate- Parts Delrin- Seal gaskets Buna.
  • One pair of Mounting Brackets are supplied free with the filter.
  • It is recommended to install the filter near to the point of use.
  • Our products are fully Guaranteed, as they are carefully planned , inspected and tested for quality at every stage of manufacturing.However, our obligation under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the defective product.
  • All the parts are available, ask for the list of spares.