CENTAJ brand offers most complete range of standard tube fittings, confirming to standards mentioned below. Also includes High pressure Shut-off Valves, Needle Valves, Gauge Isolating Valves, Check Valves, Minimess coupling and Bonded Seals. CENTAJ brand products are well known for its quality and reasonably priced. The Company has established good In-house Training, Design, Manufacturing, Inspection and Testing facilities to meet necessary quality standards.

All tube couplings are rigorously tested for burst pressure, fatigue, impulse and pull tests. (Ref. ISO 8434-5 and BS 4368-4).

Apart from the standard fittings company can supply special fittings as per customer needs.

Team at CENTAJ have good expertise in the field of design, engineering and manufacturing to produce high performance fittings, valves, and accessories. Our customers include large industrial houses, process, power generation and oil/gas industries.

Reference Standards:

Reference Tube Coupling standards for Metric tube only
ISO 8434 - 1 -- 24o Cone Bite type
IS : 8805 -- 24o Cone Bite type
DIN 2353 -- 24o Cone Bite type
ISO 8434 - 4 -- 24o Cone with Weld on Nipples
BS 5200 -- 60o Hose end

Reference Port Connector Standards

ISO 1179 – BSPP (G) threads, Flat face.
BS 5380 – BSPP (G) threads, O' Ring seal.
ISO 6149 –Metric threads , O' Ring seal.
SAE j 1926 /1 – SAE (UNF/UN) threads, O' Ring Seal.

Surface Protection: Push Fittings are Zinc Plated with Trivalent Passivation (White) as per standard. Weldable nipples are Phosphated and oiled.